Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why should I pre-order a lighthouse specialty plate?

By pre-ordering your lighthouse specialty license plate, you are helping us reach our benchmark of 2,000 plates required for the Maine secretary of state to submit proposed legislation seeking authorization of the lighthouse specialty plate.

2. How much does the lighthouse specialty license plate cost?

The pre-order cost is $25. The $25 payment purchases the actual plates and covers the BMV’s production costs. Renewal of this plate will cost $15 annually, added to your regular registration fee. The Maine Lighthouse Trust will receive $10 from the initial purchase and $10 annually from the renewal fee.


3. How will I get my plate?

You will receive a certificate in the mail once the plate has been approved and established. Bring this certificate to your local BMV or town office to exchange for your new lighthouse specialty license plate. The $25 pre-order payment will be applied to the first-time registration with the specialty plates.

4. I have multiple vehicles. Can I get a plate for each? 

Yes, the fee is $25 per registration.


5. Can I get a commercial lighthouse specialty plate?

No, however, the lighthouse specialty plate may be issued to vehicles with a registered GVW of 26,000 lbs. or less.


6. Can I get a motorcycle or trailer lighthouse specialty plate?

No, not at this time.


7. Can I keep my current vanity plate?

Yes, as long as the vanity plate number includes no more than six numbers or letters and a dash or space. The cost of the specialty plate will be in addition to your current vanity plate fees. (EXCEPTION: If the vanity plate is duplicated in another Maine license plate style option, it will not be available. This is a statute designed to eliminate potential risk of misidentification.)


8. Can I request a specific license plate number?

No, specialty plate numbers will include no more than six numbers or letters and a dash or space. Numbers will not be duplicated for different Maine license plate styles.


9. If for any reason this specialized plate is not issued, will I get a refund?

No, if for any reason this specialty plate is not issued, the $25 payment will be donated to Maine’s lighthouse preservation effort.


10. Once created, how much of the purchase price and annual renewal will go to the Maine Lighthouse Trust?

The Maine Lighthouse Trust will receive $10 of the $15 annual renewal fee. The remainder will go to the Highway Fund and Specialty Plate Fund.